Technical Manual

The technical manual explained the steps college students should take to lead a healthier lifestyle. The manual addressed many of the factors that put college students at risk for unhealthy behaviors. Diet. Exercise. Sleep. Mental Health. The technical manual was developed for a professional writing class with the hope to create awareness of how to lead a healthy lifestyle in college and become aware of unhealthy behaviors.

Different skills demonstrated by the piece:

  • Choosing the relevant parts of research articles
  • Arranging the content to catch attention of college students
  • Working with others to create a uniform piece

This project was a group project, therefore it allowed me to work with others on a large project. I performed most of the editing, so I learned how to turn words into eye-catching material that college students would want to stop and read. The organization was extremely important to create a manual that college students could easily skim to find information that interested them.

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