Philosophy Statement

Helping others has been one of my main passions since I was a child. As I grew up healthcare and helping others seemed to go hand in hand, which created my desire to become a doctor. The many years of school and hard work that it takes to become a doctor has never scared me, I have always looked at the end goal of being able to help people to live longer and healthier lives. I didn’t know the exact path that would get me to what I wanted to be, but as I came to college it became clear to me that I didn’t just want to write people a prescription and send them out the door. I want to be able to help them to make better choices about their health and educate them on ways that they can live to their fullest potential. Therefore, becoming a health promotion major became a key factor in my path to becoming a doctor.

My love for helping others grew stronger when I started going on mission trips over 7 years ago. I have been to Africa three times, Ecuador three times and Haiti once. I have a strong passion for global health, which is why after this year I plan go to work in a maternity clinic in Zimbabwe, Africa for six months before I go to medical school. I believe that everyone should have access to medical care, and not having the means or money to pay for medical treatments should not determine whether someone will live or die. Therefore, I have a strong passion for global health, and serving the under reached communities.