Community Case Study

The community case study addressed a low-income, immigrant South-Korean boy who suffered from asthma. The case study:

  • Explained the health issue
  • Examined barriers the family faced in treating his asthma
  • Identified resources for the health issue
  • And proposed potential solutions for the future

The piece was written for a community health class, and therefore it focused on the community aspect of what is available for people in similar situations to those in the case study.

Different skills demonstrated by the piece:

  • Finding resources available in the community for a specific health issue
  • Meeting with sites to see what resources were available
  • Writing for an academic context
  • Searching for information on a specific topic

For the case study, it was required that we go to one of the sites that we found for the case study. It allowed us to ask questions about what is available in the community for different health issues and learn about what resources are available for different medical conditions. This also allowed me to expand on the knowledge of children with asthma, which I have previously researched.

Click on the “Scenario” photo above to view the entire case study.